Atherosclerosis: A Symptom of Endothelial Dysfunction

Atherosclerosis, the build-up of plaques within the walls of the arteries, is caused when the endothelial cells that line the thousands of miles of blood vessels become dysfunctional. We also know that endothelial dysfunction is caused by the same heart risks that initially damage the endothelium.

Based on new clinical findings, many leading cardiac researchers now believe that endothelial dysfunction, considered as “the ultimate risk of the risk factors”, is a disease unto itself, and that this disease is what causes damage to the vessels of the heart, not atherosclerosis. Furthermore, this dysfunction is triggered by an inflammatory response to the damaged endothelium. Atherosclerosis, and the subsequent plaques and arterial blockages and heart attacks that it causes, are manifestations of this endothelial dysfunction

What if you could identify high risk patients at the earliest stage of their cardiovascular disease - would you treat them differently?  

EndoPAT™ - A Personalized Window to Your Patients’ Arterial Health

EndoPAT™ only FDA-cleared non-invasive assessment of Endothelial Dysfunction (arterial health), is a functional test for early detection of underlying disease progression. It offers both prevention of re-admission, as well as early prevention of diseases. Endothelial Dysfunction is the earliest detectable stage of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.  

The EndoPAT™ Solution

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EndoPAT™Non-invasive diagnosis and measurement of early endothelial damage in adolescents is now possible with a 15-minute, in-office EndoPAT™ test. Using this test, doctors have the real possibility to change how elevated cardiovascular risk is both evaluated and treated in this young but highly vulnerable age group.
Not only does the EndoPAT™ predict adverse cardiovascular outcomes in these youngsters, but their low EndoPAT scores correlate with cardiovascular risk factors, including sedentary behavior, type 2 diabetes, obesity, second-hand smoke, elevated LDL levels, and inflammation

Reimbursed by Medicare and most PPO Plans



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